New equipment for the Cherokee, packed and ready to go to Portugal, from where we will set sail to Madeira in 3 weeks!Nice gadgets like a satellite telephone to be able to get medical advice if necesarry, although the plan is to only use it for weather forecasts. Lot’s of serieus medical stuff and medication (which we plan not to use either), AIS personal locator beacons (plb’s) which will automaticaly send a disstres signal in case of a man (or woman) overboard (and again, we don’t plan to make use of it).

So is there any stuff we do plan to use? As a matter of fact, yes there is! Among other things that will be 2 new Solar panels, a brand new Pilot book (things might have changed around the Canaries in 20 years) and switchable white/red LED lights, to create a ‘red ligt district’ in the galley and nav station, so we will not get blinded during night sailing.