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Sailing holidays schedule | Offshore Yacht Charter

Sailing holidays with sightseeing off the beaten track. With or without sailing experience. Choose the sailing category that suits you (prices excluding ‘board cash’ & transfers).

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Sailing holidays category A:
Offshore passages, sailing through the night. 

Sailing holidays category B:
Longer sailing voyages, without sailing through the night.

Sailing holidays category C:
Shorter sailing distances, with time for sightseeing.

Sailing holidays category D:
Sailing holiday specials, not every season available.

Sailing holidays category E:
Sailing voyages with extra sailtraining.

Sailing holidays category F:
Sailing holidays with also small children on board.

Read more:
Itineraries, photos,
route maps and
participant table.

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Download the
summer 2024 schedule
in pdf:

Download the
2025 sailing schedule
in pdf:

Read more:
Itineraries, photos,
route maps and
participant table.

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Summer sailing program 2024

Summer sailing program 2025

Sailing holidays Prices 

The ‘board price’ of the voyage is the rent for ship and crew, which must be paid up front.

The ‘board cash’ is the amount per person for the food and drink on board (including crew), as well as fuel, water, shore power, port fees and taxes. But excluding trips, food and drinks ashore. This amount must be paid upon embarkation in cash to the skipper (in the local currency). What remains after the sailing holiday, will be refunded.

With less than 3 participants, the ‘board cash’ is usually not sufficient. In that case, there will be a surcharge of up to € 50 per person.

Sailing holidays discount

Customer Discount:
If you book a second sailing holiday with us within a year, you’ll get 5% off the ‘board price’.

Sailing holidays group discount:
If you book a sailing holiday as a group (more than 3 passengers), you will receive 5% discount per person on the ‘board price’.

Sailing holidays youth Discount:
If you are under 29 years old, you will get 10% discount on the ‘board price’.

Sailing holidays discounts can not be combined with each other.

Private charter

You can also rent the ship and crew for a privat charter. Multiply the board price with 6.5 + board cash for each person. For private charter, you can choose one of the offered sailing holidays, provided there are no other bookings for that sailing journey. If you would like more information on private charter, please contact us.

Sailing holidays with your own private cabin

If you would like a private cabin (room), you can book this for 1.6 times theboard price’.

Extend your sailing holidays with an extra day B&B

On some of our sailing trips, it is possible to book an extra night on the boat, based on Bed & Breakfast (B&B), for € 75 per person. This possibility is indicated in the sailing holidays schedule.

Your journey to and from the ship (transfers)

For practical reasons, you have to arrange your own transportation to and from the ship. Therefore, the costs are not included in the fare. More information and useful links for flights and transfers can be found at our travel information page. Here you can also download and print a handy pdf map of each port, to find the Cherokee.

Tip: Due to the limited number of flights; The earlier you book, the cheaper your flight will be.

Sometimes a return flight is cheaper, also when you don’t make use of it

Sailing holidays Boarding

Boarding on the first day is at 18:30 local time. After boarding the cabins will be divided, and after dinner there will be an explanation about the ship and the safety.

If you arrive before 18:30, you can try to leave your luggage at the harbor office. Unfortunately it’s not possible to come on board earlier, because we are extremely busy with cleaning and provisioning. Therefore, if you arrive earlier, please wait a moment on a terrace or in a pub, these are also indicated on the same map that you can download from our travel information page. On the last day you have to leave (unfortunately) after breakfast at 10:30 am.