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Skipper and owner of Offshore Yacht Charter

Host and owner Jouke Lemmers comes from a family of seafarers. Meanwhile he has already sailed countless miles with his sailing yacht ‘Cherokee’. Before that, he has among others, sailed a lot on his father’s ship, who sails in the Baltic Sea. With his official certification* as master sailing ships and experience as a Naval Architect you will be in very capable hands aboard the Cherokee. Last but not least, the skipper is relaxed and always calm.

Our average motor hours are only 180 a year. This low number is possible because Cherokee is a good and easy sailing vessel and by anticipating on the weather. We like sailing in to the harbour as far as possible.

*Certificate of Competency for commercial sailing ships, issued by the Dutch Shipping inspection ILenT (according to the international STCW 2010 Code). These certificates are obtained at the nautical college in combination with much sailing time on other commercial vessels (which is tracked in officially Muster booklet). In addition, every five years the training “Basic Safety” and “First Medical Aid ‘are to be repeated including a medical examination every two years.


I was born aboard the barge “Noordsvaarder” in Durgerdam, the Netherlands. My father, Ton Lemmers, was one of the pioneers of the sailing charter in Holland. Every holiday I was on board (first the Lutgerdina and later the Stella Maris) and thus, sailing has been spoon-fed.

To finance my studies in Naval Architecture and because I really liked it, I did a lot of sailing on charter vessels and other yacht companies. Eventually I became skipper on a 60 feet yacht at the Canary Islands when I was 21. In this time the idea emerged to start a professional charter company with a sailing yacht. Therefore I have done the exams of the Enkhuizer Nautical College during my college Naval architecture. In between, I also set up a student sailing association with small boats and a lot of fun.

After my studies I started working in the shipbuilding industry. Including three years at the company IHC Merwede at the department of Theoretical Shipbuilding. The work consisted of stability calculations, performing inclination tests, strength calculations and the optimization of the ship’s hull.

In late 2008 I started Offshore Yacht Charter and we bought the Cherokee in Spain. In 2009 the ship has completely been rebuilt in order to be able to charter at sea, what we now do every summer. In addition, I work as a Naval Architect for various companies in the winter months, at Damen, Nevesbu and currently at C-Job.


2002:  Qualification for professional sailing on Dutch waters.

2003: Basic Training STCW 95 SOLAS (Basic Safety): firefighting, survival craft, first aid etc.

2003 Marcom B diploma:  Qualification for operation of radio equipment on ships.

2004: International  qualification as master on sailing ships up to 500 GRT.

2004: Diploma Naval architecture

2010: International qualification as master on sailing ships up to 3000 GRT

2016: First Medical Aid training according to STCW 2010 Code: first aid, resuscitation, diagnosis, contact Radio Medical Service etc.