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Sailing holidays with Sightseeing

with or without sailing experience



"Had a fantastic sailing holiday with beautiful sunsets, moonrise and starry skies. spotted various species of dolphins, whales and beautiful seabirds. And all able to experience due to a super professional and passionate crew." T. Bosman.



Are you looking for special yacht charter? With also time for sightseeing, or just a challenging mile maker?

Then sail with us onboard sailing yacht Cherokee for unforgettable sailing holidays off the beaten track!

If you feel comfortable on the water than you will feel at home with us!

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Yacht charter video sailing routes 2020

Highlighted yacht charter sailing voyages:

Yacht Charter in Scotland

Scotland has some of the most impressive landscapes in Europe. The coast and mountains are of a breathtaking beauty. The Western Isles, the inner & Outer Hebrides, the Orkneys and Shetland Islands are absolute pearls, with many unusual birds like the puffin and the golden eagle, but also deer, otters, seals and sometimes whales. A sailing holiday through Scotland takes you past these special places and it is an ideal way to explore Scotland.


Yacht Charter Canary islands

The beauty of the islands comes from its volcanic origin and are ideal to explore with a sailing yacht. Our sailing voyages are a nice balance between travelling, culture and relaxation. We’ll be in a harbor or anchor every night. he Spanish rhythm starts and ends a bit later than the northern European, so usually there is a nice terrace to be found in the evening.  On these sailing holidays there will also be time for sightseeing.

Yacht Charter with s.y. Cherokee

Sailing yacht ‘Cherokee’ is a “One Off” 50, 16 meters long, built in 2000 and designed by J & J Design. In 2009 the ship was radically refitted for comfortable sailing at sea with passengers. The Cherokee has a teak deck and a nice and spacious cockpit. The interior is practical and attractive paneled with mahogany, the galley is fully equipped and all electric. In addition, all cabins have a natural ventilation system and space for your luggage.