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Sailing holidays in Brittany | Offshore Yacht Charter

The Peninsula of Brittany is in the northwest of France, between the English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean. The coastline is formed by jagged rocks that have been carved out by waves. Typical for the coast of Brittany is the pink granite with reddish sandstone.

The diverse coast of Brittany with deep sheltered inlets (called l ‘Abers), beautiful estuaries and fairytale like islands makes this sailing area perfect for a splendid sailing holidays. The strong tidal currents and the tidal difference of up to 12 meters (difference between high and low tide), makes the sailing holidays in Brittany active and challenging.


Sailing along in Brittany (France)

The strong tidal currents and the high tidal difference make this magnificent cruising area a no-go area for most sailors. But for us, this extreme tide is just one of the charms and we do like a bit of challenge. Therefore, sailing along in Brittany makes a perfect sailing holiday. Because sailing along is an excellent balance of traveling, enjoying, culture and getting a breath of fresh air, where you don’t have to worry about anything. You do not need sailing experience for our sailing holidays in Brittany.

The Breton atmosphere is relaxed, with old sleepy harbors and villages where the shipwrecks are simply lying on the beach. Also, there are of course the typical French cafes and restaurants. Really special are the delicious crepes and unique savory Galettes. Made from buckwheat flour, and brought by the Crusaders to France. The croissant actually needs no explanation, delicious at breakfast and an important ingredient for wonderful sailing holidays in Brittany.

Video presentation of our sailing holidays in Brittany

Brittany (France) round trip

The sailing holidays in Brittany are partially sheltered from the swell of the Atlantic. But we must take the tide into serious consideration, the tide is the clock. The current is often so strong that it makes no sense to sail against it, therefore we prefer to sail with the tide. Thereby, some ports, such as Trébeurden, have a tidal ‘Sill’ in front of their harbor so that we can only get in or out at a certain water level. Overall, Brittany is a pleasant sailing area with challenge for adventurous and active sailing holidays.

Every night we will be in a port or at anchor. On our sailing holidays with category C, there is also time for an excursion ashore when we will stay a day in the marina. To make a beautiful walk for example.

We will regularly have to carry out sailing maneuvers during sailing. The sailing enthusiast can help us, but nothing is mandatory, after all it is your holiday, you can simply relax and enjoy unforgettable sailing holidays in Brittany.

Sailing holidays in Brittany around Île de Bréhat

This small but beautiful archipelago of beautiful fairytale like Islands lies in Northern Brittany, France. The only way to get here is by boat, a unique experience during our sailing voyage. There are no cars, occasionally a tractor. There is no Harbour, but there are a few secluded anchorages, we can go ashore with the dinghy for a nice walk. In the small village, we can have drink. The large tidal range, of over 12 meters, ensures a constant-changing scenery. The warm Gulf Stream lets all kinds of beautiful colorful flowers, plants grow and even small palm trees.

Sailing holidays Brittany, Cherokee at anchor at Ile de Brehat

Look for opportunities for a sailing trip in Brittany in our sailing schedule.