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Sailing Charter with sightseeing | off the beaten track

Are you looking for a special sailing charter? With time for sightseeing, or just a challenging mile and experience builder? Then sail with us on our sailing yacht ‘Cherokee’ for unforgettable Sailing Charter in Ireland, Scotland, the Faroe islands or Spain and Portugal. If you feel at home on the water, you will feel at home with us. View our sailing schedule for an overview of all our sailing holidays.

Sailing Charter with or without sailing experience

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced sailor, our sailing charters are suitable for everyone. The skipper and owner, Jouke Lemmers, is an experienced sailor and has an official certification as master sailing ships according STCW-2010 regulations. At the start of each sailing holiday, a briefing is given by the crew about sailing and safety on board. Sailing suits can be rented for only € 30, life jackets can be used for free.

Experienced sailors are also welcome to sail with us and expand their sailing experience on our special sail training and / or mile builders. There is always plenty of time to sit back and enjoy the surroundings in a convivial atmosphere. It is up to you however much you wish to do regarding sailing.

Sailing Charter for individuals & couples

You can sail with us as an individual (we bring no singles surcharge) but you can also book as a couple or with a small group on our sailing holidays. The Cherokee is also available for whole boat charter with crew (or private charter), subject to availability.

Our Sailing Charters are divided into different categories from active sailing to relaxed island hopping. All Sailing Charters have their own category (A / E) so you can easily choose what you like most. You will also find a list of participants, mentioning gender, age and nationality and how many places there are still available on each Sailing Charter.

What is the advantage of our Sailing Charter?

What distinguishes us, apart from the sailing area, from most other sailing charter companies, is that we really like to sail and we try to use the engine as little as possible. The day is subject to the weather, and the tide is the clock. We do not have a tight schedule so that we can anticipate on the weather and the opportunities. Our sailing holidays are therefore active and adventurous.

Besides the skipper, there is also a ‘bosun’ who also does the shopping and cooking. When you board at the beginning of the sailing charter, the groceries are done, the vessel is clean and the bosun is cooking dinner. So, after a sumptuous breakfast the next day, we have a relaxed start of the sailing holiday.

werken op een zeiljacht

Sailing charter Price-quality ratio

Our Sailing charters are low priced compared to most other companies, while the quality of our sailing holidays is being judged as very good on our reviews. Young people (under 29) get a 10% discount and regular customers get a 5% discount on our sailing charters. The pre- and late seasons are cheaper than the high season. Last but not least, we have no single surcharge on our sailing charter holidays and there are no hidden and/or administration costs, all costs are stated clearly on the website and in the booking agreement.

The crew does have the right papers and the vessel is very well maintained. The ship has been specially refitted for Sailing Charter at sea with passengers, in terms of comfort, seaworthiness and safety. The owner is also the skipper and comes from a family of seafarers. This is reflected in the ship, but also for example the relaxed way of sailing and mooring.

Sustainable holidays

We try to buy as much organic food as possible and if one likes, we love to cook vegetarian. In addition, we use on-board biodegradable soap and coolant. Waste is collected separately. Our solar panel and wind generator provide enough energy for the refrigerator, freezer and batteries. To reduce power consumption, we use LED lighting. The boiler is heated with coolant from the generator-set and the engine. As a result, there is always plenty of hot water to take a shower. We use as less plastic as possible.