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Sailing holidays around the Channel Islands | Offshore Yacht Charter

The Channel Islands consists of the major islands of Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark and Herm. The islands are located just off the French coast of Normandy, they are closer to France than to Britain and this has been a source of conflict for both countries for a long time. But ultimately, the culture of the two countries merged and that is precisely one of the things that makes sailing holidays around the Channel Islands so special.

The beautiful nature of Brittany / Normandy with spectacular tides and British liveliness are an ideal combination for a great sailing holidays. Which means that we can enjoy delicious croissants at breakfast and in the evening we can reminisce on a beautiful sailing trip around the Channel Islands in an English pub.


Sail along around the Channel islands

The Channel Islands are a special group of islands and ideal to explore by means of sailing holidays, because sailing along is an excellent balance of traveling, enjoying, culture and Getting a breath of fresh air, where you don’t have to worry about anything. You do not need sailing experience for our sailing holidays around the Channel Islands.

The sailing holidays around the Channel Islands are sheltered from the swell of the Atlantic Ocean. But we must take the tide into consideration, the tide is the clock. The current is often so strong that it makes no sense to sail against it, therefore we prefer to sail with the tide. Furthermore, some ports, such as St. Peter Port in Guernsey, have a ‘Sill’ in front of their harbor so that we can only get in or out at a certain water level. Also, there are tidal races like ‘The Swinch’ and ‘Alderney Race’, where the current can be so strong that they are often discouraged because tide and waves can raise turbulent sea. Obviously, we can sail here just fine with the Cherokee, but it should be well-timed. Overall, a pleasant sailing area with enough challenge for adventurous and active sailing holidays around the Channel Islands.

Every night we will be in a port or at anchor. On our sailing holidays with category C, there is also time for an excursion ashore when we will stay a day in the marina. You can fill this in yourself, make a beautiful walk on Alderney or go shopping in St Helier on Jersey, for example.

We will regularly have to carry out sailing maneuvers during sailing. The sailing enthusiast can help us, but nothing is mandatory, after all it is your holiday, you can simply relax and enjoy unforgettable sailing holidays around the Channel Islands.

Channel islands round trip

The Channel Islands are located quite close together, but all have their own character and beauty. The fauna of the Channel Islands is also very diverse. Due to the warm Gulf Stream, there is a mild climate and even Mediterranean plants and palm trees can grow here. South of Jersey lies a small French island, Iles de Chausey. With high tide this island almost completely disappears below water. With good weather, it is possible to anchor here.

Sailing around the Channel Islands has something to suit everyone, from lovely and lively ports to beautiful and spectacular anchorages, like for example at the island of Sark.

The Channel Islands are autonomous regions and are not officially part of Britain. They do not fall under the prime minister or the parliament, instead they have their own laws, jurisdiction and currency. On Jersey you pay with the Jersey pound and the other islands with the Guernsey pound. These currencies are linked to the British pound, which you can also use.

Look for opportunities for a sailing trip around the Channel Islands in our sailing schedule.