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Passage sailing & mile builders | Offshore Yacht Charter

Sailing the high seas off the beaten track. Sail with us and experience an unforgettable sailing holiday of which you may have always dreamed of, without having sailing experience. These sailing voyages will include night sailing and watch-keeping so are recommended for adventurous people.

You can also sail along to increase your own sailing experience. Or if you are planning to make a long sailing trip yourself, it might be educational to gain more experience by sailing with us, during a relaxed sailing holiday. Worry less, enjoy more!

Sailing yacht Cherokee sails in various and special sailing areas, where few, or even no others, dare to go. This is due, among other things, to the higher difficulty level of some of our sailing areas, as a result of which additional requirements are imposed on the ship and the crew. The skipper and owner, Jouke Lemmers, is an experienced sailor who has transformed the Cherokee into a seaworthy, fast and safe sailing ship.

Sailing the high seas, with or without sailing experience

No sailing experience is needed for our offshore sailing holidays. The professional crew sails the boat and does the navigation, if you like, you’re welcome to help. The crew also knows where to find the most beautiful ports or sheltered anchorages. They make sure that you will have a special and varied sailing holidays.

Of course you can sail along with us to increase your own sailing experience, or to gain miles for example your RYA Yachtmaster. For more options, please see our page about sail training courses.

There can sail up to eight passengers aboard the Cherokee, with a maximum of six during passage crossings. You can book individually, without additional charges, but you can also book our sailing holidays as a couple or with a small group.

Offshore sailing and mile builders

During our A-category offshore sailing holidays (also known as mile builders), we will cover fairly long distances and sail regularly through night. As a passenger you will be assigned in to a watch system. Since the ship has to be in time on the next destination, there will be a lot of sailing, sometimes even in bad weather. The focus is therefore on real offshore sailing.

However, these offshore sailing journeys are planned in such a way, that there are possibilities to avoid really bad weather and if the weather cooperates, to see some nice ports en route.

Planned offshore mile builders

Categories of our offshore sailing holidays

Our sailing vacations have been subdivided into categories. From mile-builders, where we will sail through the night (A), to relaxed cruising with time for sightseeing (C). Category B is in between. This allows you to choose what you are looking for.

Category A:
Offshore crossings, includes also sailing throughout the nights. Passengers will also be grouped in the watch system.

Category B:
Offshore sailing holidays, there will be no sailing throughout the nights, but occasionally a late arrival at the harbour (or an early departure), depending on the weather.

Category C:
Relaxed sailing holidays with shorter sailing distances, including more time for sightseeing and sometimes a nice land excursion.

Category D:
Sailing holiday specials, from ‘Sailing holidays with Yoga’ up to expedition sailing. Not every season available.

Category E:
Sailing voyages with extra sailtraining.

Milebuilders, offshore sailing with sailtraining

Our offshore sailing trips or miles-builders are also interesting for boat owners who, for example, would like to explore sailing in a new sailing area.

For the sailors who really want to learn more about sailing the high seas, we have special no-nonsense sail trainings with more text and explanation about the ‘how and why’ of offshore sailing (see our sailing holidays with category E). For sailors who have a basic knowledge, but do not want to do a ‘school-like’ sailing course, our offshore sail training is very suitable. However, we do expect your participation and commitment if you really would like to learn more.

U krijgt de gelegenheid om zelf de routering uit te stippelen en de navigatie voor te bereiden. Als u de basis onder de knie hebt gaan we u echt leren sturen op de wind en de golven, het kompas wordt dan afgedekt.

You will have the opportunity to define the routing and prepare the navigation. When you have mastered the basics, we will  teach you to steer you on the wind and the waves, the compass will be covered.