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Adventurous sailing holidays

Sailing holidays for anyone who enjoys being on the water. Ideal for solo travelers and couples (we do not surcharge individuals). The maximum group size is eight passengers plus two crew members.


Sailing yacht Cherokee offers sailing holidays in sailing areas where few others go. This is mainly due to the higher level of difficulty, which imposes higher demands on ship and crew. But it is precisely in these areas where you can find the beauty and challenge of the best sailing voyages. Every day the conditions are different, which means anticipating on the wind and using the tide. Living on the edge!

What do sailing holidays involve?

You can sail along without any sailing experience. Or you can just take part to increase your own experience, for example on a sail-training or mile builder. The first day we will explain everything about the ship, then it depends on yourself how fanatic you wish to take part. Participating with sailing is not obliged. You’re on holiday and you can do whatever you want. Relaxing or reading a book is also possible. Besides the skipper there is also a bosun, who also does the cooking (including vegetarian meals). We appreciate it and consider it normal if you would like to help with this (or else with the dishes).

You can sail with us on the Dutch sailing yacht “Cherokee”. For voyages of about a week and these trips can be sequentially combined as long as you would like. All our sailing trips are listed on our sailing holiday page with the corresponding dates and prices. Here you can also see the age, gender and nationality of the people who have already booked.
It is also possible to rent the ship with our crew for a private charter, for example with family, friends or for special occasions. To determine the price, multiply the board price times 6.5 and every person pays the board cash as listed. Please contact us to check the possibilities.


Sailing holidays with time for sightseeing

On our category C sailing voyages, we will be in a port or at anchor every night. In the latter case, we can use the dinghy to get ashore. During these category sailing holidays, usually a day has been planned to stay in a harbor for a long walk, or a bus tour or, for example, the impressive Black cab tour in Belfast.

Sustainable holidays

Our sailing holidays are environmentally friendly, we travel around 300 miles a week on wind-energy. We also try to buy as much organic food as possible and if you like, we also cook vegetarian. In addition, we use on-board biodegradable soap and coolant. Waste is collected separately. Our solar panel and wind generator provides enough energy for the refrigerator and freezer. To reduce power consumption, we use LED lighting. The boiler is heated with heat from the generator set and the engine. As a result, there is always plenty of hot water to take a shower.

Categories of our sailing holidays

Our sailing vacations have been subdivided into categories. From mile-builders, where we will sail through the night (A), to relaxed cruising with time for sightseeing (C). Category B is in between. This allows you to choose what you are looking for.

Sailing holidays category A:
Offshore crossings, includes also sailing throughout the nights. Passengers will also be grouped in the watch system.

Sailing holidays category B:
Offshore sailing holidays, there will be no sailing throughout the nights, but occasionally a late arrival at the harbour (or an early departure), depending on the weather.

Sailing holidays category C:
Relaxed sailing holidays with shorter sailing distances, including more time for sightseeing and sometimes a nice land excursion.

Sailing holidays category D:
Sailing holiday specials, from ‘Sailing holidays with photography’ up to expedition sailing. Not every season available.

Sailing holidays category E:
Sailing voyages with extra sailtraining.

Sailing holidays category F:
Sailing holidays with also small children on board.

Booking your sailing holidays

On our booking page, you will find a booking form. If you fill it and send it, you will receive a confirmation as soon as possible if there is still place available. Then you will receive an email containing the important information and our agreement with invoice.

A list of participants is listed on all sailing holidays in our sailing schedule, so that you can see in advance who is going with us and how many places are still available. You can book a sailing trip individually or for several people, and you can book as many trips as you like.

On some of our sailing trips it is possible to book an extra overnight stay onboard on basis of Bed & Breakfast for € 50 per person a night. The possibilities of B&B are marked with a * next to the name of the port in the sailing holiday schedule.

Sailing holidays Prices 

The ‘board price’ of the voyage is the rent for ship and crew, which must be paid up front.

The ‘board cash’ is the amount per person for the food and drink on board (including crew), as well as fuel, water, shore, port fees and taxes, but excluding trips, food and drinks ashore. This amount must be paid upon embarkation in cash to the skipper (in the appropriate currency). What remains after the sailing holiday, will be refunded.

With less than 3 participants, the ‘board cash’ is usually not sufficient. In that case, there will be a surcharge of up to € 50 per person.

Sailing holidays discount

Customer Discount:
If you book a second sailing holiday with us within a year, you’ll get 5% off the ‘board price’.

Sailing holidays group discount:
If you book a sailing holiday as a group (more than 3 passengers), you will receive 5% discount per person on the ‘board price’.

Sailing holidays youth Discount:
If you are under 29 years old, you will get 10% discount on the ‘board price’.

Sailing holidays discounts can not be combined with each other.


After your reservation you will receive an agreement and invoice by email.

– The standard payment period is 30 days, but payment must always be made before the trip begins.
– When you book before April, the bill will be split in two parts, with a deposit of 50%.

The board cash must be paid upon embarkation in cash to the skipper (please note the correct currency ).

Your journey to and from the ship (transfers)

For practical reasons, you have to arrange your own transportation to and from the ship. Therefore, the costs are not included in the fare. More information and useful links for flights and transfers can be found at travel information. Here you can also download and print a map of each port to find the Cherokee.

Tip: Due to the limited number of flights applies; The earlier you book, the cheaper your flight will be.

Our partner Uniglobe Perfect Travel can help you book your flights and tickets. You can ask them for a free quote and take an option. If you let them organize your trip for you it costs €25,-.

Sailing holidays Boarding

Boarding on the first day of the sailing holidays is at 18:30 local time. After boarding the cabins will be divided, and after dinner there will be an explanation about the ship and the safety of the ship and crew.

If you arrive before 18:30, you can try your luggage to leave at the harbor office, It’s not possible to come on board earlier, because we are extremely busy with cleaning and provisioning the ship. So if you are earlier, please wait for a moment on a terrace or in a pub, these are indicated on the map that you can download from our travel information. On the last day you have to leave (unfortunately) after breakfast at 10:30 am on board.


The cabins (rooms) are assigned by the skipper upon arrival. Unlike companies in the Mediterranean, we do not share beds for strangers. However, we can asign unknown people, male or female, into a cabin with a bunk bed. If you would like to have a cabin for yourself, you can book this for 1.5 x the board price.

Click here for a layout of the ship.

Eating and drinking during the sailing holidays

Tasty and nutritious meals, are cooked every night on board. Healthy, filling and with lots of vegetables or lettuce. The Bosun cooks, but it is intended that the passengers will assist (or else with the dishes). This goes on own initiative and is a nice part of the sailing holidays. The groceries are done by the Bosun in advance. If you have allergies or if you are a vegetarian, you must indicate this on the booking form. The skipper is also a vegetarian so do not feel embarrassed to eat vegetarian. The food is bought biologically as much as possible.

On the last evening we go out for supper on shore. This will be on your own account. The skipper knows the nice and affordable restaurants which suits everyone. However, if you want to eat somewhere else then you can do this and you do not have to feel obliged to eat with the group.

 The differneces with some other companies

– The sailing area (with wind).
– A beautiful and fast sailing yacht. Seaworthy and comfortable, fully equipped and well maintained.
– The engine is used as little as possible,hence, we do not have a tight day to day schedule.
– The crew has the right papers and experience.
– The bosun cooks and does the groceries.
– For vegetarians is also well cooked.
– Unknowns are not assigned next to each other in a two-person bed.
– The crew sleeps in its own cabin, so not on the bench or on deck.
– Toilet paper can simply be flushed away in the toilet, so not put in smelly waste containers.
– No booking fees or surprising costs afterwards. The board price + boarding bag = full pension. In addition, you have to pay your transfer costs. Eating or drinking on shore, and excursions are thereby naturally at your own expense.
– Our weeks have seven days, that sounds logical, but many colleagues have a week of 8 days to make them look cheaper.