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Sailing holidays in North West Spain, Galicia

Discover undiscovered Spain!

The Spanish northwest coast is, for most people, unfamiliar territory. Therefore NO MASS OF TOURISM will be found in this part of Spain. As a result, this beautiful sailing area has still remained authentic. In terms of nature it resembles the Scottish “Outer Hebrides”, but the temperature is obviously more comfortable. Unlike the South of Spain, it luckily doesn’t get tropical hot. In the period that we provide sailing holidays in Spain,  it is comparable with the end of spring. Due to occasional sea fog and sometimes even a tiny bit of rain, the coast is beautifully green. And just as in Scotland, it is a stunning sight to see the mountains in the clouds.

Islas Cies het mooiste strand van Spanje

The coast of northwestern Spain (Galicia), between La Coruna and Cabo Finisterre / Fisterra (the Costa de la Muerte), is rugged, dramatic and it can be windy. This results in spectacular sunny sailing on clear blue water. The many fjords (called Rias) provide good shelter against the wind and ocean swell. With beautiful anchor bays and atmospheric Spanish fishing harbors. It is a wonderful experience to sail in here after a splendid day on the ocean and to enjoy the Spanish atmosphere.

meezeilvakantie individueel spanje galicie

Yacht Charter in the Rias Baixas, Spain

As soon as we have sailed south around Cape Finisterre, it becomes more warm. From here we sail on in the famous Rias Baixas. The enchanting beauty and tranquility of the rias contrasts sharply with the open ocean. The region of Galicia has a special landscape and distinguishes itself from the rest of Spain by the forested mountain valleys and the many quiet beaches. Luckily, a nice terrace is usually not far from the harbor. The Spaniards eat late, usually around 9 o’clock pm, which means that in the larger towns such as Vigo and Sanxenxo, it will be cozy and crowded until late in the evening.

Galicia is a special region in Spain and ideal to explore by means of a sailing voyage. Our sailing trips are a nice balance of traveling, culture and relaxing. We will be in a port or at anchor every night. It is not necessary to have sailing experience. On our category C sailing trips there will be more time to explore the surroundings. 

The majority of our sailing holidays in the Rias Baixas are sheltered from the swell of the Atlantic Ocean and the day distances are just right, making this pleasant sailing holidays with sufficient challenge for an adventurous and active sailing trip.

We will regularly have to carry out a sailing maneuver. The sailing enthusiast can help us, but nothing is mandatory, after all it is your holiday, you can simply enjoy and relax.

segelurlaub Spanien
Mitsegeln Spanien Galicia
meezeilen spanje Galicie

Bed & Breakfast in Galicia La Coruna

On some of our sailing holidays in Spain it is also possible to book an extra day on the boat (as Bed & Breakfast) at the end of the sailing trip, so you can explore the city by yourself.  La Coruna is a beautiful city full of culture, history, nature, shops and tasty tapas.This possibility is indicated in the sailing schedule.

Watch this video of our sailing holidays in Galicia, Spain

Sailing holidays and walking on the Islas Cies, a stunning nature reserve!

The Islas Cies are definitely a highlight during these sailing voyages in Spain. With a special permit we are allowed to anchor on the east side and go ashore with the dinghy for a walk on the island and enjoy fantastic views of the rugged west coast and the Atlantic Ocean. The water is crystal clear although it feels a little bit fresh, the brave can go for a swim. The Islas Cies consists of two islands which belong to a national reserve which protects the Ria de Vigo.


Praia de Rodas on the Islas Cies has been proclaimed by the British newspaper The Guardian to be the most beautiful beach in the world. You do have to make some effort to get there, because the islands of Las Islas Cies are located about 40 kilometers from the coast of the Spanish region  Galicia. You can only get there by boat and you must have a permit to stay here. So a perfect reason to sail along the Cherokee for a special sailing trip.


Sailing voyage to La Coruña in Spain

Our port of departure, or port of arrival, for crossing the “Bay of Biscay” is the city of La Coruña. A city that has everything: a cozy old town, beautiful buildings with their typical glass fronts, a beach, a sheltered harbor and the oldest lighthouse in the world. The lively La Coruña is a special, cozy and atmospheric city. Ideal for example to enjoy tapas and cerveza in the city center.

In La Coruña you can find the oldest preserved lighthouse in Europe, the Torre de Hercules, built by the Romans in the 2nd century AD. La Coruña is also the place where the famous Spanish Armada left in 1588, which was eventually wrecked on the Brittish coast.

Typical of Galicia and clearly visible in the port of La Coruna are the characteristic glass balconies, miradores (bay windows), this is why La Coruna is also known as the ‘crystal city’. We also recommend the glass dome-shaped lift in the park of Monte de San Pedro, from which you have a wonderful view over La Coruña and the ocean.

The Galicians are descendeds from the Celts and are very proud of their language and culture. Sometimes you might even see someone with a bagpipe. In Galicia, both Gallic (a bit like Portuguese) and Spanish are spoken. 


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