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Sailing holidays with skipper

Skippered sailing holidays are the ideal way to experience an unforgettable vacation and is suitable for anyone who loves to be on the water. A combination of relaxed sailing with sightseeing in beautiful nature, alternating sometimes with bustling cities. Nice strolls after sailing and discovering beautiful secluded anchor bays and atmospheric harbors in good company.

The advantage of sailing with crew is that you do not have to worry about navigation, the weather or maneuvering the boat. You can decide yourself how much you want to do and when, so you can definitely relax as well.

The most important thing about your holiday is that you can do whatever you like. As we sail with relatively small groups, there is much room for personal input, but also time for yourself. Sailing together quickly provides a friendly group atmosphere and after a day or two you will forget the outside world completely. Thus you can fully relax and enjoy sailing, nature and of course the great food.



The advantages skippered sailing holidays are:

– The skipper and crew take care of everything, regarding the sailing, if you like you can help as much as you want.

– The crew is experienced and the sailing yacht is in perfect condition.

– The groceries are done and the ship is clean when you board.

– The skipper is familiar with the sailing area and knows where to find the special places.

– The bosun does the cooking with the help of the passengers, also vegetarian.

So you can get on board unconcerned and enjoy fantastic sailing holidays with skipper. Enjoy more, worry Less!

Sailing holidays with skipper, sailing with and without sailing experience

For all our sailing holidays with skipper applies that you do not need any sailing experience. The skipper and owner, Jouke Lemmers, is an experienced seafarer and does the navigation and sailing together with the crew and passengers who are willing to help. If you would like you can help us of course. The skipper also knows where to find nice harbours or sheltered anchorages and ensures that you experience special and varied sailing holidays.

Sailing holidays with skipper, for individuals and couples

There can sail up to eight passengers on our sailing yacht Cherokee. Our sailing holidays are ideal for individuals / solo travelers because you can embark alone and end up in a group where more individuals have booked. Sailing alone together! We have no single surcharge. Sailing together to new (unknown) coasts quickly leads to a pleasant group atmosphere.

Our sailing holidays are divided into different categories (from real sea sailing to relaxed island hopping). So you can choose yourself what you like most. Every category is mentioned in our sailing holidays schedule  together  with a list of participants (i.e gender, age and nationality), so you can see who else sails long.

Our sailing holidays with skipper are active and adventurous, but also relaxed. With time for yourself and on our C-category sailing holidays also for land visits and sightseeing.

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