we can finally set sail again! Our branche association has made government approved protocols, and during sailing, we do not have to maintain physical distance anymore. So from now on it is really possible to make beautiful sailing trips again!

Moreover, we go further then the WHO recommendations, we have been busy providing each cabin with an air in- or outlet, plus a mechanical fan with in- or outlet at the other end of each cabin. The saloon also has a mechanical fan, meaning that the air in every space is now completely refreshed every 3 minutes with fresh sea air. 
A cough screen has been placed over the dining table and if necessary we can split the dining party into an indoor and outdoor table.

For the time being, keeping a distance still applies after sailing (1 meter in the U.K. and France), so  unfortunately we take less passengers as usual. This might be relaxed for our sector. Unfortunately, singing at the dining table is no longer allowed.