Infections with new Coronavirus have been confirmed in all European countries. National health authorities are constantly monitoring the situation in each country.
Presently there are travel bans nor travel restrictions issued by the local government for the area we operate in and we are able to carry out voyages as planned.

However, it seems that Spain will close its borders on Monday. Of course this will not last forever, In China the virus lasted 3 months and now seems to be under control. In the Netherlands, we have dealt with the first month. Our season starts in 2.5 months (first to Scotland), so we don’t expect any problems. Moreover, it is expected that the virus will disappear when the temperature rises (the virus then moves to the southern hemisphere, source: Volkskrant (Dutch newspaper)). Sea air is healthy!

For most people (who might get the virus), the virus will present as a mild cold. Others get a slight increase with a dry cough, and for some it will unfortunately come with fever and tightness of the chest. For healthy people it will be over within a maximum of 2 weeks source: Volkskrant (Dutch newspaper).

The U.S. government recently recommended, ‚in particular travelers with underlying health problems, not to travel by cruise ship‘.
This advice concerns large sea cruise ships with often thousands of passengers and crew members spending most of their time on board and at sea.
Our ship is not a „cruise ship“, is much smaller, travels shorter distances per day and is operated in areas with direct access to high-quality medical care. Our guests spend most of the day in the open air. In combination with a higher level of hygiene on board, the risks of contamination (and possible quarantine) can be kept to a minimum. 

We will update this post when new developments require it. If you have any questions please contact us. 

We look forward to welcoming you on board soon!