After the last press conference in the Netherlands on Monday March 23, some uncertainties have arisen about our departure date. Only events for which a permit must be applied for have been canceled until 1 June, but the restrictions on people gathering will be evaluated no later than April the 6th. 

Many ports in Europe are now closed, to contain the spreading of the virus and in particular to prevent an excessive overload on hospitals. This is unlikely to last very long, otherwise the economic damage would be dramatic. More importantly, people are becoming immune. As a result of this and due to the higher temperatures, the virus is expected to extinguish. In China, travel restrictions have been lifted after 2 months, which is very hopefull!

The good news is that the measures taken in the Netherlands are showing results. Today there are fewer hospitalizations than yesterday. In addition, the numbers are no longer growing exponential (doubled every other day), which means that the spread of the virus is leveling off!

What if, in a very unlikely, worst case scenario, we could not sail out. What would happen with your reservation? If countries / ports are closed, this would be a force majeure situation for us. Our first plan would be to make the trip in a different sailing area or to postpone our departure.
If that is also not possible and we cannot sail at all, we will offer you a „Voucher“. With this Voucher you can sail with us next season.

This voucher is made in consultation with our ’seafarers profession association‘ (BBZ), on the initiative of the General Dutch Association of Travel Agencies (ANVR), in collaboration with the Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM) and is covered by our guarantee fund (VZR garant).

This voucher is made to prevent many travel associations from going bankrupt. For us, the highest costs are in maintenance and preparation, so that the Cherokee can safely sail a season at sea. Hence the 50% down payment. We appreciate that this voucher may not be ideal for you, but for this emergency we ask for your understanding.

Most importantly, we assume that this will not be necessary and that we can just enjoy sailing next summer!