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Sailing voyage W01: Sail training: Portugal – Madeira (600M)

W01 Sail training: Portugal – Madeira (600M)

From Lisbon we sail down the Tagus river, past the iconic Torre de Belem to Sesimbra. We sail south with the “Portuguese North”, a fresh wind from our back. In general, this wind sets in from noon and increases in the afternoon until sunset. On our way we can practice with setting sails, gybing and reefing. Depending on the weather we might sail to Sines or directly 455 miles to Porto Santo, which is near to Madeira.

A nice sailing passage in a ‘watch system’ with lots of time for sailing, steering and with beautiful sun and moon rises/ sets. With a bit of luck we can enjoy beautiful starry skies and / or a luminous sea and dolphins. This sailing voyage is a good combination of making miles, sailing through the night, but also with a bit of time ashore to enjoy and to recover, and nice weather (according to plan).

If the weather cooperates we have a day left in Porto Santo, to relax and stretch our legs. Porto Santo is desert-like and very different from the green Madeira. The plan is to make a walk to the spectacular North East cliffs in Madeira, before we end this unforgettable sailing voyage in Funchal, the Capital of Madeira.

The above schedule is subject to weather, wind and tide.
The daily sailing distances are between 28 and 475 miles.

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Information about this sailing holiday

Zeilvakantie:W01Segeltörn:W01Sailing holiday:W01
Boordprijs:€ 1219,-per persoonBordpreisse:€ 1219,-pro PersonBoard Price:€ 1219,-per person
Boordkas:€ 350,-per persoon, contantBordkasse:€ 350,-pro Person, barBoard cash:€ 350,-per person, cash
Vertrek:LissabonTransfer informatieAbfahrt:LisbonTransfer informationDeparture:LisbonTransfer information
Inschepen (18.30 uur):Zondag06-02-2022Einschiffen (18.30):Sonntag06-02-2022Boarding (18.30):Sunday06-02-2022
Aankomst:MadeiraTransfer informatieAnkunft:MadeiraTransfer informationArrival:MadeiraTransfer information
Ontschepen (10.30 uur):Woensdag16-02-2022Ausschiffen (10.30):Mittwoch16-02-2022Disembark (10.30):Wednesday16-02-2022
Aantal dagen:9,5BagageTagen:9,5GepäckDays:9,5Luggage
Categorie:A/CVerklaring categorieënKategorie:A/CErklärung KategorienCategory:A/CExplanation of categories

Participants of this sailing holiday

Man/ VrouwXXMann/FrauXXMale/ FemaleXX

Sailing holiday Prices 

The ‘board price’ of the voyage is the rent for ship and crew, which must be paid up front.

The ‘board cash’ is the amount per person for the food and drink on board (including crew), as well as fuel, water, shore, port fees and taxes, but excluding trips, food and drinks ashore. This amount must be paid upon embarkation in cash to the skipper (in the appropriate currency). What remains after the sailing holiday, will be refunded.

With less than 3 participants, the ‘board cash’ is usually not sufficient. In that case, there will be a surcharge of up to € 50 per person.


Sailing holidays discount

Customer Discount:
If you book a second sailing holiday with us within a year, you’ll get 5% off the ‘board price’.

Group discount:
If you book a sailing holiday as a group (more than 3 passengers), you will receive 5% discount per person on the ‘board price’.

Youth Discount:
If you are under 29 years old, you will get 10% discount on the ‘board price’.

Discounts can not be combined with each other.


Sailing holiday with your own private cabin

If you would like  a private cabin (room), you can reserve this for 1.5 times theboard price’.



Sailing holiday categories

Category A:
Offshore crossings, includes also sailing throughout the nights. Passengers will also be grouped in the watch system.

Category B:
Offshore sailing holidays, there will be no sailing throughout the nights, but occasionally a late arrival at the harbour (or an early departure), depending on the weather.

Category C:
Relaxed sailing holidays with shorter sailing distances, including more time for sightseeing and sometimes a nice land excursion.

Category D:
Sailing holiday specials, from ‘Sailing holidays with Yoga’ up to expedition sailing. Not every season available.

Category E:
Sailing holiday’s with extra sail training.